Mini Jump Starter Pack with USB / 12V DC Accessory Socket



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Introducing the New and Innovative Qesta Mini Jump Starter Pack with USB / 12V DC Accessory Socket

The Qesta Mini Jump Starter is easy to charge!

Includes a 12 Volt DC Charger, ideal for charging the Qesta Mini Jump Starter from your vehicle, boat, 4×4 or motorhome via the 12V Accessory Socket.

Also Includes a 240V DC Charger to charge the unit from a mains outlet.

The 12V Accessory Socket features multiple uses from charging mobile phones, running spot lights, portable air compressors, and any 12V application.

The charging port in the control panel has an automatic sensor and will sense when the unit is charged. It will turn ‘Off’ the charger automatically, eliminating the risk of over-charging your battery or under-charging the mini Jump Starter.

Q90030 Mini Jump Starter Pack with USB / 12V DC Accessory Socket

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Model No. Q90030

Qesta Mini Jump Starter Pack with USB / 12V DC Accessory Socket


  • Suits 4, 6 & 8 cylinder petrol vehicles up to 6.5L
  • Suits Diesel Vehicles 2.5L – 3L
  • Includes a 12V DC accessory and 240V DC ( mains ) charger.
  • Inbuilt multi-meter to test battery performance.
  • Multiple use 12V accessory socket & dual USB ports for charging or powering devices.
  • 2 x super bright L.E.D lights for night time operation.


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Model No. Q90030 – Qesta Mini Jump Starter Pack with USB/12V DC Accessory Socket

Operational Instructions


The qest@ Mini Jump Pack includes an adaptor transformer, ideal for home and workshop applications. The 12V DC Charger allows the user to charge the Mini Jump Pack from a vehicle, boat, 4×4 or motorhome via the 12V accessory socket.

Important Information:

1. To check if the Mini Jump Pack requires charging, turn on Switch ( I ) first.

2. after turning on switch ( I ), if the charge L.E.D is Red and stays on – The Mini Jump Pack is ready to be charged.

3. When using the LED Light. turn on the switch ( I ) first, then push LED light button.

A small plastic loop attached to the LED light button is to prevent the 2 LED lights from accidentally being touched and turned on during transportation. Remove the loop after purchasing and discard appropriately.

Charging the qest@ Mini Jump Pack

1. When using The qest@ Mini Jump Pack for the first time, it is advised to charge the unit for a minimum of 24 hours or until the Green L.E.D light appears on the control pane. Turn ‘ON’ the main power switch when charging the qest@ Mini Jump Pack.

2. After turning the main switch ‘ON’, if the qest@ Mini Jump Pack requires charging, a Red L.E.D light will appear on the control panel as a reminder to charge immediately.

3. Plug in the 240V or 12V power accessory. A Green L.E.D light will illuminate to indicate that the unit is functioning correctly. Then, simply connect the other end of the power accessory into the charging port on the front side of the qest@ Mini Jump Pack. While charging the unit, the charging light on the control panel will illuminate Red. Once the unit is fully charged, the charging light will illuminate Green.

4. After the first use of the qest@ Mini Jump Pack, it is recommended to charge the unit and then recharge every 2 months in order to extend it’s lifespan and keep the unit fully functional at all times. As the qest@ Mini Jump Pack has no memory, you can leave the unit on charge 24 hours a day.

Important Note:

The charging port in the control panel has an automatic sensor and will sense when the qest@ Mini Jump Pack is charged. The unit will shut down automatically, therefore there is no risk of over or undercharging the unit.

Vehicle Jump Starting Procedure:

1. Switch all of the vehicle electronic appliances OFF including headlights, air-conditioning etc.

2. Connect he Red cable clamp to the (+) Red positive terminal of the vehicles battery.

3. Connect the Black cable clamp to the (-) Black Negative Terminal of the vehicles battery.

4. Start the vehicle. Limit your starting attempts to a maximum of 4-5 seconds at a time. Allow the high power mini jumper to cool down for approximately 3 minutes after unsuccessful start attempts. If you can not start the vehicloe after 3 attempts, immediately stop the starting procedure.

5. Once the vehicle has started, disconnect the (+) Red cable clamp and (-) black cable clamp from the vehicle battery terminals.


1. Always refer to the vehicle manufacturers handbook / manual for jump starting instructions prior to jump starting. Each vehicles procedure may vary depending on the manufacturer.

2. When not in use, ensure that both cable clamps are secured to the molded clamp holders on both sides of the unit.

3. Never connect the qest@ Mini Jump Pack to a short-circuited battery.

4. Do not reverse the polarity eg; DO NOT touch the positive RED cable clamp and the negative BLACK cable clamp together.

5. Always check for the vehicles correct battery voltage. The qest@ Mini Jump Pack is only suitable for 12V vehicles.

6. The qest@ Mini Jump Pack’s efficiency and extended lifespan is only guaranteed by operating the correct charging procedures.

7. Only use the original 240V or 12V chargers as provided to charge this unit.

8. Do not make contact between the (+) Positive RED, and (-) BLACK clamos and ensure not to make simulataneous contact between metal parts to avoid short circuiting which can cause terminal damage to the unit.

9. Protect the qest@ Mini Jump Pack from prolonged exposure to humid/wet conditions.

10. Ideal storing temperature is +10oC to +25oC.

11. Always take extreme care when connecting the unit to batteries.

12. Keep out of reach of children at all times.

13. Do not jump start vehicles near fuel, fuel vapour or watercrafts.

Operating the Probe Function:

1. To use the probe / voltage meter function, ensure the main switch is turned ‘ON’ and turn ‘ON’ switch in the probe compartment.

2. Apply the RED Positive ( + ) probe to the RED Positive ( + ) battery pole and the BLACK Negative ( – ) probe to the BLACK Negative ( – ) battery pole.

3. Voltage reading will appear in to indicate battery voltage. Ensure to switch internal probe switch off, and main power switch off when not in use.

For pricing, to place orders or find your nearest Qesta Stockist, please contact our friendly sales team through the contact us form below or call us on 1300 559 953


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